The Story Behind Timsies Event

Who We Are!

Timsies Event is a subsidiary of Timsies Affordables a business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission dedicated to providing the best overall value for satisfying children. We provide a continuum of services ranging from on-site childcare solutions to childcare advisory & entertainment services. 

In any case, you will always find us fully involved in such sensitive areas as early years care, child education, positive youth development, and quality family entertainment. It is therefore, based on positive family values and the principles of community cohesion that we are driven and committed to make KIDS CONNECT FUNFAIR an exemplary family-oriented event for many years to come.

Event Overview

Kids Connect Funfair is an annual event where children are celebrated alongside their parents. This event promises to bring 1000 children and 500 parents with at least 15 popular vendors/entrepreneurs in a fun filled day of children’s games towards the promotion of positive family values and community cohesion.

In addition to this, there will be lots of other family-oriented play activities, healthy food, drinks, arts, crafts, fun and games that will be provided by different vendors for children of all ages. Parents will pay a flat gate fee of N2, 000 per child for their kids to enjoy and be part of all the fun stuff mentioned above. This indeed is good value for money and return on emotional investment, because as much as most parents desire this kind of family entertainment, they are frustrated when they have to travel abroad to find these types of ‘Parent-Child’ bonding activities.


The Fountain School is located in a highly reserved and safe area of Surulere, Lagos, this Venue is very strategic due to its accessibility from all routes in its environ.. The presence of a number of private nursery and primary schools in the neighborhood, including schools for toddler groups, special needs children as well as early childhood schools, also make the location a choice one.


Event Schedules

  • Date: December 27th and 28th 2019
  • Venue: The Fountain School, No. 60, Adelabu Street, Surulere,
  • Time: 11am – 5pm daily
  • Admission: Strictly by Tickets
  • Hospitality: The event will provide lots of free spontaneous ‘Parent-to-Child’ bonding activities with a splendid assortment of food and drinks.


Our Request

We request that you share in the fun stipulated for that day. Kids Connect Christmas Funfair is for all, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.

It promises to be a relaxing, fun-filled and stress free day.

Please invite your friends, relatives and well wishers.

See you there!!!
See you soon!!!
Merry Christmas in Advance.

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